Quality and Environment

Quality & Environment

    In order to assume the role of corporate social responsibility, we are concurrently operating both mangement systems effectively and to ensure continuing improvement, the following is being carried out:

  1. Full participation of all staff in the operation of both the enviroment and quality management system, aiming to achieve continuous improvement.
  2. We shall comply with the law and regulation governing the business activities concerned.
  3. In the course of protecting the enviroment and preventing pollution, as well as consideration of customer satisfaction level, product quality and business performance improvement, we embarked on the following activities:
    1. Improve customer satisfaction level
    2. Manage CO2 emissions by household Eco-Account Book.
    3. Corporate Social Responsibility Activities.
  4. In order to achieve the abovementioned objectives and target, training is provided for all staff to equip them with the required knowledge and understanding.
  5. Regular reviews are conducted to ensure effective management of both the enviromental and quality systems.

Our "Company Policy" and activities realted to qualtity & enviroment issues are widely publicized by in our company's home page.

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